Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sock Kitty

Here is a cat I made from a pair of socks:
I used one sock as the head, body and legs.  The other sock provided the muzzle, the arms and tail.  The head of the cat is the toe of one sock.  Using my sewing machine, I formed the shape of the ears in the toe of the sock.  Then I stuffed the ears and head and with a gathering stitch, I made the neck.  The legs were formed by cutting the cuff (or leg) of the sock in half and sewing the legs.  The body and legs were stuffed through the opening in the legs.  Then the openings were stiched with a gathering stitch and pulled closed.  Then with needle sculpting, toes were formed on each footl.

The arms were cut from the cuff of the second sock and stuffed, stitched to the torso, and toes were sculpted on the arms.  The muzzle was formed from the heel of the second sock.  It was stuffed and sculpted and attached to the face of the cat.  The tail was also made from the second sock, stuffed, and attached to the "rump" of the cat.  Finally, I added a heart shaped bead for the nose, black beads for the eyes, thick black crochet thread for the whiskers, and a pink ribbon tied around the neck for the finishing touch.

This sock cat now lives with my daughter, Jeni, in Wisconsin.

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