Friday, April 23, 2010

The Emails I Look Forward Too

First let me start out by clarifying that my very all-time favorite emails come from my friends and family.  I always scan the "from" info in my emails for their names, and always open them first, devouring any and all their words.

But my favorite all-time non-family/friend emails are the daily newsletters I get from!  Oh my goodness, when I see the email is from them, I always smile and open.  Sometimes there really isn't anything of great interest to me, but most of the time there is at least one or two links that get clicked.  Often it takes me an hour or more to read and view the newletter.  Often a click to this blog will lead me to see what blogs they are following, then click on other blogs, and pretty soon time has flown!

I always get so much inspiration from Craft Gossip posts.  If you are a crafter, you have to subscribe to their newletter.  But be sure to get yourself something to drink, a snack, and snuggle into your favorite chair, as you will soon be engrossed in and learning from the things you get to see!

Just click on the link under "favorite sites" to the left of this post.

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  1. Hi Dee,

    I just wanted to stop by and say "Hi", as I noticed you have become a follower on my blog:

    I hope you will enjoy the simple things that I write. :)


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