Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Skecher Shape Ups

By now I'm sure you've all heard of the new Skecher Shape Up shoes.  There are claims of how these shoes help  you to tone up without going to the gymn.  Here is what I think...

I purchased a pair on January 27th. 
This is a picture of the style I got.  Anyway, when I first tried these on in the store, I thought, "Oh my gosh!  These feel really weird!  I don't think I like this!"  I spent the next half-hour trying on other brands of athletic shoes, but came back to these.  I tried them on again and walked around in the store.  After walking for a minute or so I thought, "Okay, maybe I could get used to these.  Their not that bad."  I decided to purchase the pair, and wore them out of the store.

I wore them the entire afternoon.  By evening, I was beginning to feel it in my calves a little.  Not a bad pain, just a feeling that my calves got a good workout that day.

After wearing these for a few days, I absolutely love them!  They are really cushy!  They do take some getting used to.  Because of the shape of the sole, you feet tend to "rock" slightly, even when standing still, which makes your muscles (leg and buttox) tighten slightly or loosen slightly to keep you balanced.  In that regard, they do keep you continually "exercising", but it isn't like a rigorous workout.  Just a slight, constant movement.  They are really comfortable.  My only worry is that they are fad-ish, and when this pair wears out, I am afraid Shape-ups will have gone "out", and I won't be able to replace these.  That would be TERRIBLE~!

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