Friday, February 19, 2010

Helpful hint for removing grease pencil prices

We purchased a used, refurbed upright freezer.  It was delivered yesterday, and the price and other info about this freezer were written on the front with a grease pencil.  The young man who delivered it said I could remove this with W-D 40.  Since I didn't happen to have W-D 40 on hand, I thought, "I wonder if another lubricant might work.  The only thing I had on hand that was even close was cooking oil.  So I applied some to a paper towel, rubbed it over the grease pencil, and voila!  A clean freezer door!

Since I am a person who loves to thrift shop, and since so many items are priced with a grease pencil, I am really happy to have found this method for removing the prices on non-porous surfaces.  I hope you can use this hint in the future, too.

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  1. Who knew! Thanks, Dee. I love tips like this.



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