Friday, January 29, 2010

My Furry Children

After posting about strays yesterday, I thought it might be appropriate to introduce you all to my two furry children, both of whom we rescued from our Animal Control Center.  The gray is a girl named Willow.  We got her first, and then she started putting on a lot of weight.  We thought if we got her a little pal, perhaps they would play and she would lose some weight...enter the black and white boy whom we named Buddy.

When we first got Buddy, Willow, being the friendly gal that she is, was all about welcoming the newcomer.  Buddy, however, spent his time hissing and putting up a strip of hair along his backbone, making him look like he was sporting a mowhawk haircut!  The day after picking Buddy up from the vets (all animals must be neutered/spayed when you adopt from the animal control center) I headed for a week in California, leaving my dh alone to deal with all the growling and hissing.  He put up with that for a day or so, then had enough.  He says he chased them around with the squirt bottle whenever either of them looked like they wanted to pick a fight with the other.  By the time I came home at the end of the week, they were best friends!

Willow is the strong silent type.  She rarely speaks.  Buddy is a little talker.  When he was at the vet to be fixed, they intubated him for the surgery.  That intubation injured his vocal chords, leaving him with a funny little voice.  One time a visitor came to our house and Buddy started to talk in the other room.  She looked incredulously at my gray hair and my age and said, "Do you have a little baby?  I just heard them cry."  I laughed and explained that the little "baby cry" was from our cat, Buddy.

Our plan for weight loss for Willow didn't work.  Oh, they are buddies, but she would rather spend her time laying on the hassock, watching as Buddy streaks around the house.  The most exercise this gives her is the turning of her head has she tracks his latest path.

In the picture, the basket is really Willows.  She loves that basket.  Buddy rarely bothers to get into that basket as he is much to busy zooming around the house seeing what kind of mischief he can get into.  But for some reason this day, they both wanted to be in the basket, so they really squeezed themselves in there.  I just had to get a picture of that!  Aren't they great?

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  1. It's fun to see the "kids," Dee. Tell them that Pepper and Ben say, "Hey!"


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