Thursday, January 28, 2010

Animals are my favorite people

Today we went to lunch with our son and grandson.  After we ate and let Max play on the McDonald's playground for a while, we went to the animal control shelter in town.  There were several cats, and many dogs.  There was a little terrier mix that I thought was so cute, and then there were two black lab mixes who were wonderful.  Both of the lab mixes were females and smart as could be!  I would say sit, and they would immediately sit.  There was a big chocolate lab, too.  He was full-blooded lab, and is on the docket for distruction on Monday.  It is so heart breaking that so many animals that end up at our animal control center end up being put down!  I would take them all if I could, but that isn't possible.

There is something we can all do for stray animals, however.  If you go to this site you can click on the purple button and it will provide food for animals in shelters.  It doesn't cost a thing but a few seconds of time to do this.  In fact, you can set it up where this site will send a daily reminder (which is what I do because I am so forgetful.)  Here is the link to the site:

You may have to copy and paste into your browser, but please consider helping the strays in shelters by clicking daily.

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