Monday, February 11, 2013

Problem: King Size Fitted Sheets

If you have a king size bed, I bet you have run into this problem: which way is the correct way for the fitted sheet to cover the mattress. The problem is that a king size bed is almost square...almost, but not quite. That means that there is a correct way for the sheet to go on, and an incorrect way. The correct way will reach corner to corner side to side, and top to bottom...the incorrect way is that the sheet will come up short from top to bottom. So you make your bed, and you may have turn the sheet a few times just to see which way is correct.

Here is how I have solved the problem. Using a laundry marker, I find the correct way for the fitted sheet to fit, then I mark the bottom right corner with the marker. From then on, all I have to do is look for my mark, and put that corner in the bottom right. Voila! No more making and re-making because it is right the first time, every time.

Alternatively, you could use colorful thread and sew your mark onto a corner. Choose which ever corner you want to mark. For me, the bottom right was easiest because once the blanket and bedspread is on, no one will see the mark but me. Also, one set of my sheets happens to have a tag in the bottom right corner of the fitted sheet, so I just stuck with that corner when marking my other sheet sets.

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  1. Good idea. If I had a kind size bed, I would definitely use this idea.


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