Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How to make a Recycled Wreath

I know...Christmas is over.  But I wanted to post an easy way to make a recycled wreath.  Think beyond Christmas, here.  Think Valentines day...Easter...4th of July, baby showers.  This technique can be used for all Holidays by changing the doo-dads you add.  In this wreath the doo-dads would be the gold poinsettias and the gold bow.

Now on to the how to.  I don't have step by step pictures, but I think you will get the gist of it by explanation.

You will need:
1 Wire coat hanger
A bunch of shopping bags (these were from Walmart)
Doo-dads of choice.
Glue gun

Step one:
Bend your wire hanger into a wreath shape.

Step two:
Cut your bags into strips.  I cut mine into 1inch wide X 5 inches long.  You will need a bunch of strips.  Don't obsess over this...cut your strips approximately the same length and width.

Step 3:
Using a larks head knot, attach the strips to the coat hanger wire.  Pictured is a larks head knot.  If you need further instructions you can find that here:

As you add your strips, periodically stop and push or "bunch up" your strips.  It takes a while, but you  will soon have the whole wire wreath full of plastic strips.  When your hanger is full, you can give your wreath a "hair cut".  Trim the strips as needed for symmetry.

Step 4:
Attach your doo-dads using your hot glue gun.  This could include bows, flowers, Easter eggs, hearts, baby rattles and pacifiers, etc.  You are only limited by your imagination.

There you have it...easy peazy...If you have any questions or clarifications are needed, feel free to ask in the comments section.

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  1. Nice tutorial, Dee. Glad to find your blog. Hope you will be posting more often.


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