Monday, August 2, 2010

Munchie Monday: Pringles Stix

Although I have gone "off" my diet, strictly speaking, I am still trying to "be aware" of how much food, what type of food, and flavor of foods that I put into my mouth.  In other words, I am trying to eat smarter if not strictly dieting.  So far I have been able to maintain a 40 lb weight loss by "being aware".

One thing I have been careful about are snack foods I bring into the house.  It's nice to have a snack,  but snacking can totally undo what you have accomplished on your diet if you aren't careful.  Recently I discovered Pringles Stix.

Because these are made by Pringles, you may think they are some type of potato snack, but they aren't.  They are a wheat snack.  They are more like a cracker.  Apparently, there are 4 flavors available, but our store had Honey Butter and Pizza flavors.

For under 100 calories per bag, these turned out to be very tasty little snacks!  You will not get full eating a bag of these...and after all, a snack isn't supposed to fill you up like a meal would.  They are just the right amount to take away mid meal hungries.  I like both of these flavors, but my hubby prefered the honey butter. 

And just an afterthought, I am in no way affiliated with Pringles or their mother company.  I'm just a munchie maven, a person who enjoys foods, and a woman who is trying to do so with intelligent choices.

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  1. I will look for these the next time I'm at the grocery store. They sound interesting and we all need to watch the snack calories! Thanks so much for adding me to your blog list...I am honored.


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